Kruger National Park Info

[Paul Kruger] The park is one of the earliest reserves established anywhere in the world. You can read about it and the history of how it came about »online, but hearing the fireside tale is much more colourful and comes free as part of experiencing our hospitality. The park is named after »Paul Kruger, president of the ZAR, who established this park in the 1890's.

You are most likely reading this while sitting in the comfort of your familiar surroundings. I found a lot of people from Europe, not realising the sheer size of the park, go ahead and pre-book for themselves an impossible itinerary. They would need a jet helicopter to get to all the camps!

The problem is ... that ... sitting in Europe, looking at a map of the Kruger, you see that it is only a few little centimeters long!

So, you naturally assume it should be easy and very sensible to book a chalet near the middle, and just drive up and down the park, making day trips!

Aha! What people do not realise is that the Kruger is larger than many countries in Europe!!

The Kruger National Park is 600 km long and up to 150 km wide.

It takes a minimum of two days to drive from Pafuri to Bergendal. These roads are not an autobahn either, it is a game park and you have to drive slowly, and slower still if you want to see anything.

If you book in Letaba camp, in the middle, it will take you twenty hours or more to drive south and back, including an hour for cooking lunch! Impossible you say? But I discover bookings like this all the time, and then I have to fight with the Kruger management on the client's behalf to change them. Most of the time this results in a very large financial loss (lost deposits, etc)!

Please do not underestimate the size of this park! Contact me early and get the bookings and timings right for you.

[large map]
A relatively detailed map of the Kruger Park.