Directions and Maps

--== Please PRINT this page and have it with you when you come. ==--

Once you have made your journey, gotten over some of your jetlag, driven up past all the scenic wonders of Mpumalanga and are now hunting for our gate, what you saw here online weeks or months ago will be a dim memory.

All the fences and roads look similar. Now what did they say to look out for again? And so you make your first BIG mistake - turn on GoogleMaps or start to rely on your GPS. This is the time to dig out the printed copy of this page and follow these directions.

Otherwise you will spend six hours chasing roads to nowhere, looking to cross phantom bridges which do not exist - except on GoogleMaps.

Step-by-Step guide to our Doorstep

Step One of Three - Klaserie

[local area]
This map shows our surrounding area and nearest towns. So far so good - this should agree with what your GPS or GoogleMaps can show. Use them to search for "Klaserie" which is nearest to us.
NOTE the main gate (to Kapama) just off the R40 Klaserie road.
The key to understand is that almost all the land around us is now part of Kapama. If you can get to their Gate 2, you are minutes from our door.

Step Two of Three - Kapama, Gate 2

Just 500m North of the small (blink and you miss it) town of Klaserie, is a turnoff to the right, towards a security gate (Gate 2), report to this gate.

The turnoff as seen looking North just past Klaserie. Turn right.

A wider view, showing the signboard wall for Kapama.

[security gate]
This is the friendly guard at Gate 2, sign in and drive 7km.

[security gate]
A closer view of Gate 2.

At the gate you can sign in and some of the guards even know about us.

Step Three of Three - inside Kapama

Proceed down the road. After about 4km you will see a road to the Klaserie Dam - for now continue straight, you can return here for fishing at another time. Another 3km on, now a total of 7km from the gate, the tar will end.

Please slow down before the tar ends! Drive only another 700 meters on the dirt road and look for our new wall sign on the right.

[our gate]
Turn right into the property when you reach this sign. (car shown leaving, not arriving)

[our gate]
Follow these signs along the way.

Turn right from the main road onto the property and drive on, until you see two round buildings and maybe some electric lights - about 900 meters. Don't give up or turn in at the abandoned buildings and torn tents, these are only 150m from us, just keep going.
You found us, now you can enjoy a cold beer, or a cuppa tea!

NOTE: an additional note for visitors returning from Orpen Gate of the Kruger Park.
Please drive to Klaserie and Gate 2 of Kapama as outlined above. You might notice a "great shortcut" on your GPS - do not be tempted! You will land up lost on back roads for many hours!

Appendix - how NOT to find us!

Some of you say, "But GoogleMaps and GPS are so good." Maybe is big urban areas it is closer to 100% accurate, but out here in the African bush where the lion and the antelope have no use for technology, the data sets can be quite a bit "off." How off? Take a look:

GoogleMaps or your GPS tend to offer two roads. That upper route (48 min shown in gray) will take you 80km or more off track, get you lost and out of fuel, ending up on phantom tracks which are not even roads. Not a good thing to try in Africa.
The lower route (43 min in blue) is better, but the detail towards the end is completely and utterly wrong. Note that our camp, Amanzimlotzi, is shown to be at the riverside, but the "route" goes on some long loop, past us, around and then back. But most of those "roads" and "bridges" are a figment of nothing. Phantoms in the data.

This view zooms in on the "more correct" lower route, showing details from within Kapama. Please note the GPS or GoogleMaps will take you straight past out gate and into the bush, where if you want those roads to drive on, then you will be creating them with your vehicle. Yes, the road carries on a bit, but then nothing but bush. No roads, no bridge, and as a bonus you will be on the wrong side of the Klaserie river! And the Private Land owner may shoot at you before asking questions. Oh, they were not poachers…

Here is the same view as above, but as a satellite image, overlaid with information. Annotated for your survival. Please do not spend your day chasing imaginery roads and bridges!