The Big 5 (plus 1) in South Africa

Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino Elephant and corruption.

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Our place is one of the smallest in SA! Yet… nine of our customers in just two weeks were the target of corrupt traffic officials! Sometimes months go by without any incident, and at other times there is a spate of craziness all one after another.

We do not want to scare you off. But we want to do the responsible thing and inform you so you can be 'street-wise' before you arrive. In that way you can enjoy your holiday in our part of the world and not fall victim to the many scams and corruption attempts that can and unfortunately do occur.

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We recently asked five French families (in one week) about Speed-cop corruption. Of the five families all had been stopped, and then falsely accused of anything like "not stopping 'completely' at a stop street", etc.

The traffic police then demanded R3000 with an 'offer' to pay them R1000 to 'forget' they saw the 'offence' - which the victims paid. The fifth family argued (not always a good idea) them down to R500.

Four of my backpacker couples were stopped during just one day in Graskop, and the traffic police demanded from them R3000 each or pay R1000 cash and go.

When one couple refused they were threatened: "We will take you to jail where you (the girlfriend) will be raped!" They then paid R500 to get away from these people!

The other three couples made use of the phone number I gave them (below) and could leave without paying, but not before the young lady was reduced to tears!!

I get so sick of this. A lovely young couple who booked with me for 3 nights phoned me from Hazyview (72km away) for directions at 3pm. They only arrived at 8pm, upset and out of sorts! They had been manhandled and threatened by traffic cops for 150 minutes. They had been taken to an ATM to draw money! When I asked for details, the woman just cried! She would not tell me anything! They only stayed one night, and left (the country).

Remember: NO fines are ever paid directly to any Officer!
If you are guilty of an offence, you will receive a Summons which you will settle (pay) at any Police Station - where you will be issued an Official Receipt! Never pay a Speed-cop!!

One group of Speed-cops was monitored collecting R60,000+ in one day! One local Speed-cop with a salary of just R6000 per month owns two R1,000,000 Mercedes cars, many buildings, and just bought his daughter a slightly used Mercedes!

Now, At long last the Police supplies such a number to the public! Here it is! Save this number now: +27 (82) 443 0098. You should of course, be registered with eBlockwatch first!

How to use the Police Stops on Record Service:

So before you travel, please register with eBlockwatch for your own safety!