Information HQ

Being in a quiet corner of the Bushveld implies a few things. We need to be fairly self-sufficient to a large degree, which drives our eco friendly approach and also involves a lot of innovation. And then for you, the visitor, there is a need for good directions to find us and some realistic information about the Kruger Park.

Eco Friendly

[potjie] A lot of our innovations are around solar power, pumping water and solving problems to make life more comfortable here in the bushveld. On the eco frontier, we grow a lot of our own vegetables. When you stay with us and we cook a meal, over a real fire (and the tales of the park and wildlife will begin to flow), then you will understand that we live quite close to nature.

[steaks] If you're expecting 'eco' to mean 'vegan', you will be in for a massive shock. Like most South Africans, we love our meat, and we grow much of our own vegetables. We try to be as self-sufficient as possible. One of the best treats we have for our guests is a classic South African braai (BBQ) at the Firefly Lapa.

[home grown]
A sampling of the wonderful vegetables we enjoy from our planting.

If you don't feel like cooking, we can cater. Breakfast is R40pp, "Boere" Breakfast is R50 (for the hungry). Pot luck evening meal is R60pp, and the full three-course feast R100pp.

The Firefly Lapa where good food is made and good stories are told.


[where in Africa]
This may be helful for some people - a global view of where we are.

Amanzimlotzi Riverside Bush Camp is located in a small private reserve about half-way along the Kruger National Park.

[local area]
Our surrounding area and nearest towns. Note the main gate just off the R40 Klaserie road.

We seem to be so hard to find that many of our clients start out by getting hopelessly lost! Even with a GPS. We have had people give up just 700m from our gate, and go spend the night in a town 30km away, costing them more.
The key to understand is that almost all the land around us is now part of Kapama. If you can get to their Gate 2, you are minutes from our door.

Just 500m North of the small (blink and you miss it) town of Klaserie, is a turnoff to the right, towards a security gate (Gate 2), report to this gate.

The turnoff as seen looking North just past Klaserie. Turn right.

A wider view, showing the signboard wall for Kapama.

[security gate]
This is the friendly guard at Gate 2, sign in and drive 7km.

Ok, you reported to the gate and signed in with the security guard. You will notice there are huge maps showing all the Kapama camps and Timbavati.
We are not featured on these, and NO, the guard does not know where we are either. We help pay his salary, but he thinks this is all Kapama. Just check that you are at Gate Two... and drive on.
If after about 4km, if you see the Klaserie Dam on your right, then you know for sure you are on the right road. Keep going straight, you may return here another day for some fishing. From the security gate follow the road for a total of 7km until the tar (asphalt) road stops at the old, now closed, Cheetah Inn Hotel.
Continue onto the dirt road and remember to reduce speed! Within 2 minutes (about 700 meters) you will see a yellow reflective triangle on the right, with 3 signs: "Amanzimlotzi, Calao, and Backpackers Inn". For visibility, there is also a white Olympic sign made with 5 tyres. Turn right and drive right up to the river, until you see two round buildings and maybe some electric lights (800 meters).
You found us, now you can enjoy a cold beer, or a cuppa tea!

An additional note for visitors returning from Orpen Gate (Kruger Park). Please drive to Klaserie and Gate 2 of Kapama as outlined above. You might notice a "great shortcut" on your GPS - do not be tempted! You will land up lost on back roads for many hours!

[our gate]
Turn right into the property when you reach this sign.