[pay] Payments

Many years ago we did the full shopping cart e-commerce thing. It was expensive to operate and as online fraud threats have become such a big problem in recent years, we could no longer deal with the complexity or expense.

We have now gone with a far simpler system, locally, with PayFast.co.za which works a lot like PayPal, offering ease and security but without the hassle to us or you.

If you need, I can send you a money request with all the correct details and the exact amount for you to process online! Just ask when you book as this method is the simplest. But please read on about deposits...

The purpose of deposits is to prove to us that you are serious. More importantly, this allows me to start making local bookings early - like for the Kruger Park - with your money. This avoids extra costs and possible disappointment later on.

The 'Pay-Now' buttons below will allow you to pay me One Single Amount per transaction!

The whole payments thing has been simplified down to one single Fast-Pay button with a drop-down for the amounts. Please select the closest amount. Any remaining amounts we can sort out later on.

Please note that when you click on the "Pay-Now" button, you will be taken to the website <PayFast.co.za> [SSL secured] to process the transaction. You will be returned here to <KrugerTours.co.za> upon completion.

You are making this payment: “Deposit payment for tour / accommodation” in the amount of

Click on the "PayFast Pay Now" button to proceed to PayFast and complete the transaction.