Tours - Kruger & Beyond

We offer a number of shorter excursions into the Kruger National Park. The details for those on on our main tours page. Here is more information about our longer 5 day and 10 day tours, reaching further across the country. Prices may fluctuate seasonally, so please enquire for a current quote.

NOTE!Please note that if you book one of these tours, it kicks off a lot of effort and up-front cost. Please read the detailed terms and conditions below.

Five Day Golden Adventure Tour

Our Best Value Tour!

5/6 Day & Night Blyde, Timbavati & Kruger Adventure Tour

Terms & Conditions - Payment:
The tour price for 5 days 6 nights (flexible) tour is R4500pp (about US$345pp as at 07/2015). I require a deposit to cover the prepaid Kruger bookings, the Game drives and the accommodation, which because of previous experience, I refuse to pay out of my own pocket. It is your tour, you pay. I will provide you with a figure which you must then pay online, via our website. The balance is due upon your arrival, or the next morning. This can be in cash or online, and you are responsible for all bank charges.

Terms & Conditions - Food!

Terms & Conditions - Accommodation:

Terms & Conditions - Travelling:
In the Kruger we stop at every possible place to stretch legs and for toilet stops (and smokers to feed their lungs). On the open road, within reason, please keep the kids quiet. Our roads are dangerous, and distractions can be fatal.
NB - Smoking:
No smoking is allowed by law in any public building or on any public transport in South Africa. This is enforceable by one phone call to the Police. You can upgrade your room to a cell at no extra charge and no refund!

There are bus companies that travel to Hoedspruit and Acornhoek, which cost ± R260pp one way. They take all day, and start from the railway station! Then there are shuttle busses. Ashtons leaves every morning at 7am to and from the airport and Hoedspruit, cost is ± R750pp one way.
Private Transfers:
A transfer (Johannesburg) to Hoedspruit costs more than our 5 day tour! It is 1000km at R3.50/km for a car or R5.50/km for a minibus.
Entrance fees:
All entrance fees, and one Big 5 game drive are included in the tour. Only the "Daily Corruption Fee" in the Kruger Park is not included. This fee varies from free to R60pp or even R260pp. This fee is entirely your responsibility and must be paid at the Kruger's park camp when we book in. They do accept credit cards.

Summary of the Itinerary:

This tour can be done at a relaxed pace in 6 days, or more rushed, high-intensity in 5 days! It is even possible to SQUEEZE it into 4 days, for a slightly lower price.

NOTE: no two days in Kruger are the same! One day, you are astounded, and the next day bored. You might find a spectacular sighting around any corner, or you can drive for 60km without seeing one Impala!

* details: A day in an African Village
We have to play the role of an African Woman and do all the chores of the day. We fetch water and carry the 20 litre GogGog on our heads.
The local kids who arrive in droves laugh themselves silly at how useless European woman are!
They then carry the water for you - as 10 year old kids are far better than European adults!
Then we fetch firewood, then collect edible leaves, and then make Maize Meal from corn on the cob.
Another big comedy for the kids! You have to learn the milling song which teaches you the rhythm to stamp the maize.
Then we make fire to cook Pap and Morogo (like spinach) for the older kids who will arrive from school soon.
After the meal, the huge set of drums are brought out and the lady who is a spiritual medium will dance till she falls down into a trance and becomes a gateway for any villagers who have to consult with their forefathers.
Then it is a big free-for-all African dance for everyone, getting dressed up in traditional beads and skins for photos for those at home.

Ten Day Golden Package Tour

Our Biggest Adventure Tour!

The 10 Day Golden Package has been designed and perfected over a decade to cater for people, not old enough, not confident enough, or who listened to too many scary stories of South Africa, to self-drive through South Africa!

That said, this tour is an intensive 3000km journey, so we understand if you don't feel like driving such a crazy distance and prefer me to do the driving. Even so, you will get very tired... so I have added a day or two of rest in between. So now it is a 12 day tour at a slightly more relaxed pace. You will thank me for this later.

As with the 5/6 tour above, certain reasonable Terms & Conditions apply. Please contact us to work out the details. We cannot start making bookings unless we have your deposit. This ensures your holiday is a memorable and pleasant experience.

In a Nutshell
I meet you at the Johannesburg airport, and take you through Mpumalanga and the Blyde River/Motlatse Canyon, Pilgrim's Rest and, if time allows, Sabie. The we go on through Limpopo, the Timbavati - made famous by the white lions - and the Kruger Park, onward through Swaziland and Zululand to the curry pots and Chaka Marine World in Durban. The tour ends at Durban Airport.
Note: for Swaziland (and optional Lesotho) you will need additional visas - check your passport requirements.

Optional extras: Drakensberg or Sodwana for scuba diving.

When I see you off for your flight out of Durban, having taught you survival skills for the modern South African jungle, you will be confident enought to hire a car in Port Elizabeth and drive on your own down the beautiful Garden Route to Cape Town, from where most people then fly back home.

The beauty of going with a small tour operator is that the owner is also your guide and driver. One of the best compliments I received was: "I have been on many guided tours in my life, and this is the first tour I have even been on, where every item on the adverts were given to us!"

PLEASE NOTE - your guide, Andre, may change the itinerary at a moment's notice.

For example - On one tour, the weather was changing, and we adapted the activities to match the 7-day weather forecast... Everything worked out very well, until the the day we had picked as the 'best weather' for the Blyde River Canyon. Yes, it was nice and sunny below, but heavy fog up on top! Two of the three tourists on this tour were history majors. God's Window (the amazing viewpoint) was closed! So I took them to the Natural Bridge, explaining how the fortune seekers of the 1870's and the wagons later crossed the river using the natural bridge! I then turned down the mountain road into Pilgrim's Rest, the historical museum town. We did a full day history tour, covering the Gold Rush, the Diamond Rush, the (in)famous robberies, the fever, Delagoa Bay, .. right up to the formation of the Kruger Park. When we drove back up the mountain, we passed by God's Window - where other tourists were still waiting in vain for God to open the curtains!!

The (detailed) Itinerary - Day by Day

Optional Extras

Optional - Day 9 Scuba Diving at Sodwana Bay.
Tour then ends on 13th day since landing in Jhb. Price on Request.
We have breakfast at Isinkwe Bush camp. Then we drive 100km north to Sodwana Bay, for the 2nd or 3rd best scuba diving in the world. (And the possibly the cheapest!)
We enter as day visitors. We park the car, and everybody has to look after their own things!
There is lovely and exciting snorkling from the beach. Visibility is amazing! All over the beach, there are diving operators waiting to give you the best deal on 2, 5 or 7 mile reefs.
At lunch, I drive you up to town where you get yourself something to eat. Spend the rest of the day tanning, swimming, snorkling, or diving. (Check those decompression tables. Your flight is only 2½ days away!)
At 4pm we return to Isinkwe where we eat out tonight. (Too tired to cook)

Optional - Day 11 & 12 Ascend the Drakensberg and spend a night in Lesotho.
Tour then would end on 14th day since landing in Jhb. Price on Request.
After sleeping in Durban, we turn inland and travel to Underberg. Here we torture ourselves. It is like a bungy jump! It is crazy, but you have to do it at least once! I personally thought that it was one of the highlights of my life, and I would like to do it to (with) my family just once! You will enter into Lesotho, so take your passport!
We put ourselves in the hands or the 4x4 experts and drive or struggle up the monntain to the highest pub in Africa. Most South Africans have never seen snow! Here, in Lesotho, the huts are often covered in snow!
We enjoy supper, overnight there and come down the next morning after which we drive back to Durban.
Detour Finished. We carry on with the original tour now from Day 10 at Chaka Marine world, and you can fly out the next day. I return to the Timbavati.